Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Week 10 Pictures!

I don't know how to put captions on the pictures, but I´ll try to explain them here:
The picture of me, that looks kinda weird with a tree in the background is for Bailey, it´s an Aruacaria tree, its her favorite haha.
The tiny building is the church we go to
The one with the guy sleeping is at the main bus station in Curitiba
There is a huge roman catholic church here in Prudentoplis, and thats what I was taking a picture by.
The cool looking one with the building is in Curitiba, my first night, that area is called Baragui, its where the president lives, its so legit
The can that says Kuat, is guaraná, show that one to uncle mike, tell him that is my favorite kind of guarana
One of them I took in the grocery store, its kinda goofy haha.

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