Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Puts Washington rain to shame!

Opa! Tudo bem!

This week has been good, we have been working hard here in Prudentópolis, but I don't really have a whole lot of time to write today, but I will try to type as much as I can. This week, it has rained quite a bit. And I hate to say this, but Brasil rain, puts Washington rain to shame. It´s crazy here when it rains. I think it was on Saturday, but we were out walking, and out of nowhere it just started pouring like crazy, like just bucketing on us, we were both soaked from head to foot in a matter of seconds, and our umbrellas did nothing, it was like in Forrest Gump, it was seriously raining in every direction. We found a little awning thing to take cover under for like 20 minutes and then it finally slowed down a bit. But there were like rivers in the streets, it was crazy.

The times that it hasn't been raining, it has been hot though. So hot. The humidity here makes a huge difference, but I think it´s been like in the 90´s with like 100% humidity or something, at least that's what it feels like. I wouldn't know cause I can´t read celsius yet haha. This week for lessons has been hard. A lot of our progressing investigators are falling through, and standing us up on lessons and stuff, and we don´t have any likely baptisms this week. But our hopes are high, and we are still continuing to work really hard. The languange is still hard, but I am getting better. Hopefully once I get better at it here in Prudentópolis, I will have a really easy time in my next area, because prudentopolis is definitely the biggest hick town in the mission haha. Not to mention half the people here are of ukranian origin, and so that changes the language a bunch too. But it will come eventually.

On sunday we had a pretty low number at church with only 35 people there, and one of the sisters who  was supposed to give a talk wasnt there, so guess who they called on to bear his testimony for 10 minutes? Haha you guessed it. It wasnt too bad, I just talked about serving others and missionary work. People said that I spoke well, so I´ll just trust them. Haha.

And no, we didnt eat at Irma Eva´s this week, but its coming up next week, we are not looking forward to that.

That´s really funny that you met Elder Harper's mom, did I mention him in one of my last emails? The Curitiba mission has 180 missionaries, and out of the 180 missionaries, he happens to be in my district. We only have two companionships in our district, so that's a huge coincedince, haha. He´s serving in Irati, another city kinda closeby to us, he and his companion are staying the night here with us, so we can all bus down to Ponta Grossa for Zone Conference tomorrow.

That's exciting to hear about Christmas this year. It is so weird being here during Christmas, they call it Natal here. But there obviously isn't any snow, and its really hot, so it really doesn't feel like Christmas, and we don't have anything planned for that day except work, so yeah, its a little different here. But its all good, and yeah, people do put up lights and stuff, at least in the rich area, most of the places we work don't have money for lights and stuff. But the Catholic chapels have some pretty cool stuff going on, I´ll have to take pictures.

 Anyways, I´m kinda short on time, so I need to finish up, this week has been a little dull, sorry anyone who´s reading this! Hopefully this week will be more exciting!

Anyways, tchau! Até mais!

Elder Trevisanut

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  1. great letter! Good luck this week and Merry Christmas!!
    We love you,
    Aunt Lisa & family