Saturday, December 31, 2011

Off to Curitiba!

Olá everyone!

This week has been pretty long, but it marked the second to last week of my first transfer, so that´s pretty exciting! I´m not gonna say it went by too quickly, but everyone says the first transfer is really long, and the rest just fly by.

Christmas was really good, at church we only had sacrament meeting, and because it was Christmas, we had a pretty low number of people, but we had 3 investigators, so it was really good. After that we worked a bit and then did our phone calls, and that was really fun, it was great to talk to everyone, sorry I only had a short time to talk!! Later that night we had Elder Alexandre and Elder Harper over from Irati ( we had a zone meeting the next morning, so they were staying the night), and Elder Alexandre is from North Carolina, so we had North Carolina Barbecue for Christmas dinner, it was pretty good.

Other than that, not too much this week, we are still working with Sidney and her family, and José has been smoking and drinking a lot less since we have been visiting him. I think he actually quit drinking Pinga (Whiskey) completely, but is still working on other stuff. He has a lot of faith, and I know that he can quit. He also can´t read, but Sidney reads out loud so he can hear, and try to understand what we left for them to read. We also started teaching a man named Carlos and his wife. There is something really cool about them, and we are hoping that they continue to pray about our message. We visited him a second time on Monday, and he read everything that we left for him, but didn´t understand all of it, so we went over all of it, and we invited him again to pray about it, we´re visiting him again on Friday, so we´re really hopeful for him. He´s a really nice guy, and he is really open to the Book of Mormon.

Tonight we´re going to Curitiba, for a training conference for new missionaries tomorrow, so I´m pretty excited about that. It´s always really cool going to Curitiba, it´s the coolest city ever, I´ve only been back once since I´ve been out here. I´m also really excited to see all of my MTC friends, I havent seen them in a month, so I´m pretty pumped, we´re kind of like family.

That´s awesome to hear about California and Six Flags, I wish I could be there, that sounds really fun, man I miss all of that stuff, but only 21 months until I´m back in the States again haha.

Anyways, we gotta cut it a little short this week, we gotta go catch our bus to Curitiba, so I´ve gotta go! Talk to you all next week!!! Tchau, até logo!

Elder Trevisanut

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