Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We've only got 6 more days!


This week has been awesome. Along with the visa coming in, it has just been great.
As you know, my visa came in on friday (it was 11/11/11 too so it was perfect), and I'm leaving this Monday (the 21st). I'm soo excited to go!!!!! We got our travel plans and everything. We are flying to Atlanta, and then we have a short layover, and then we leave for a 12-13 hour flight to Sao Paulo, after that it's just like an hour long flight to Curitiba. I'm so ready to go, we've only got 6 more days. Me and Elder Twitchell got ours, and I'm guessing Elder Barkdull will get his this week, so he could fly out with us, but he'll most likely be on a different flight. Sister Patton just got her electronic last week, so she will get reassigned for probably a month or so. I'm way excited to see the rest of my district too. Hopefully we will see them before they get assigned to their areas.

This week, classes have been great. We've learned everything that they can really teach us here, so we just review a bunch. And sometimes we slack off a little bit and talk about Brazil with our teachers. But we are still learnig a bunch. We're all pretty much what we call "MTC fluent." So we feel pretty good. But we all know that we are gonna be shocked when we get out there and realize how little we can speak.
This week we got to leave campus 3 times, it was the coolest thing ever. None of us had left since we have been here, so it was pretty surreal. We had to walk Sister Patton to the BYU health clinic, cause there is something wrong with her wrist, but we still don't really know what is wrong with it, we're going back on friday or saturday so she can get an MRI.

Other than that, everything is the same here at the MTC. On your 8th and 9th weeks here at the MTC, you get to be a host which means you get to stand outside and pick up the new missionaries from the curb where there parents drop them off. For some of them you pretty much have to pull them away from their crying Mom's, but you're supposed to get them going really quick. After that you take them to their residences, then get there books and stuff, and then take them to their classrooms and drop them off. It's really fun. You really learn how much you know about this place, by now we're like mtc pro's. We know all there is to know about this place, along with several theories like the underground city below the MTC haha. But yeah, we do what we can to keep oursleves going here, it gets pretty boring if you don't liven things up. Everyday is pretty much the same, and you pretty much only look forward to meals and gym time. I've really perfected my volleyball skills here haha.

But anyways, I don't really have much time left, I've got a few other emails to send off, and I honestly don't have too much else to say. BUT, next week, my email with be awesome and filled with all kinds of stuff about Brasil haha. Anyways, thanks everyone for reading and writing!!!


Elder Trevisanut

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  1. Hi ELder Trevisanut, my name is Joseph I am Elder Yesquen, i got my mission call recently two days ago, and my mission is Curitiba-Brasil, Im from PerĂº,i have to enter to the MTC in Sao Paulo on July 26 so i guess probably i meet you, i want to know about that mission, i mean weather,food,costumes, do you have an email address?, my email address is, i need you help with this stuff Elder please! Hope you can read this letter soon!