Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This week maybe...


How is everyone this week?! My week has been good, but pretty long.. We really wanna go to Brasil.
Classes this week have been good. We finished all of our Portugues lessons, so now we're just doing review and trying to perfect the language as much as we can while we're here. But we're far far from perfect, so it's proving to be pretty difficult. The investigators are the same, so we're still teaching 6, but now we have 40 minute lessons on Wednesdays, which are pretty cool, but it's a lot more to prepare. but we've all come really far with the language, so we're doing fine. But yeah, we're all still pretty stir crazy. Every day we're more ready to go, we just wanna leave.

Hmm... with the visa. So we all really wanted ours to come last week.. but they didn't. And then Monday came around, and we really really wanted them, so that we could leave the next day, and I really thought mine was gonna be in. I even said a final goodbye to Bailey, cause i thought I was definitely getting it. But nope. This is the last week that we can get them if we still want to go to the CTM in Brasil. If it comes later than next tuesday, then they will just send us straight to the field. But the good news is, my visa is at the point where I wont get reassigned, they'll just keep me here until it comes in, cause it is still supposed to be in any day now. BUT, not to get your hopes up yet again, there's news today. We heard like 20 guys get called up to get their visas, and I talked to one of my friends who put his electronic in the same day as I did, and the Travel Office lady said that his should be in today or tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure that me and Elder Twitchell's should be in today or tomorrow, so hopefully for the last time, expect a call soon!!

The weather has changed a lot here too, it's really cold now, it's snowed a few times, but it onyl really stuck once, and it was like half an inch, but it's helped a bit with sitting in class all day cause it's not as hot anymore.
It's a good thing that I'm leaving in a week or two, cause these emails are starting to sound really boring, but I'll be outta here soon enough. I'm kinda short on time, so I should go. Tell Rianne Happy Birthday for me, and I hope everyone has a good week! Oh yeah, if Aunt Alyson and Lisa are reading this, thank you for the letter and package, they're the best!
Ate mais! Tchau!
Elder Trevisanut

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  1. I'm glad you received your package. I hope it was all the stuff you like :) Hopefully you will get your VISA tomorrow and your travels to Brazil will be safe. We are so proud of you and all your hard work!!
    Love, Aunt Lisa