Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missionary Antics!

Oi! Tudo bem!!
This week has been a good one. Not much new has been happening, but after everyone left last week, and now there's only four of us in the district, we have gotten really busy. Rather than everyone who left dropping their investigators, we have all taken them, so we are teaching 6 investigators now. So it's pretty much three lessons each day. And extra study time didn't come with each investigator we gained, so it's crazy trying to prepare for 3 lessons a day. But it's been good, and we have been learning so much more. And me and Elder Twitchell are teaching companions, so it's pretty cool. He's definitely the best at the language, so it's helpful sometimes.
In response to your email, that's awesome to know that my visa app is finally being processed, I really hope they finish it soon! I'm not sure how much of Provo I can take, at least the MTC side of it. I'm so ready to go to Brasil.
I got dad's letter, I was gonna send some pictures home in a day or so, so I'll just reply to his through that. I'll probably send it tomorrow or something.
Anyways, sorry for everyone who's reading this, my emails have been so boring lately, but the MTC is hardly ever changing, so I run out of things to say really quickly. Brad Dial got reassigned to Denver this week, and we all saw him off on Sunday night, but I'm sure he'll get his visa soon. There are a lot of missionaries here, but me and him were on the same schedule, so I got to see him like 5 times a day, so I'm really gonna miss him around here. There's no way to explain how great it is to have people from home here, like Bailey and Morgen and Brad, cause any contact to the outside world is the best thing ever, so letters and stuff are seriously the best.
For devotional on Sunday, Robert Swenson spoke. He's the Director of Missionary Work (or something) and he was also once the Mission President for Curitiba Brazil. When they announced that, us three all like freaked out, and we were sitting pretty close to the front, so he saw us and he gave us a shoutout. Afterwards we went up and shook his hand and told him we were going to Curitiba, and he freaked out. he just kept saying, "It's the best! It's just the best!" So that was really exciting. His talk was also really really good. It was probably my favorite one, after Elder Richard G. Scott's.
Well, this letter has been kinda lame, but a couple funny things happened this week. I was doing a 5 minute practice lesson with Elder Twitchell the other day, about attending church. At the end of the lesson I told him that I would call him and remind him about church the next day, I said "Eu vou limpar voce no sabado." He started laughing. I quickly realized that I meant to say ligar, instead of limpar. Ligar means 'to call', limpar means 'to wash.' Haha. I taught I really good lesson, then I kinda ruined it cause I said I will wash you on Saturday. Haha it was pretty funny, you kinda had to be there.
Also the other Sunday, we went on our Temple Walk (we just walk up to the temple for an hour each sunday) and we saw this couple on temple grounds, like 20 yards from the temple, on a blanket, and you guys can probabyl guess what they were doing. To clarify, it wouldn't really be too innapropriate anywhere else, but considering there were like 200 missionaries all around, and they were on temple grounds, it was kinda innapropriate. So we were kinda bugged, so we figured we would do something, we kinda just wanted to go sit next to them and start talking to them, and try to make it too awkward for them to stay there. But then Elder Barkdull and Elder Hobbs decided they were gonna run down the hill and jump over them. So they went up to the top of the hill, ran down and jumped right over them. It was the funniest thing ever. We all booked it. Elder Twitchell got a perfect picture of it, and I got a copy so I'll have to send that one home so you all can see it. Just make sure you don't throw it away haha. We kinda felt bad afterwards, but it was still pretty funny.
Anyways, hopefully those stories helped make this email a little more lively. This week has been kinda lame, so sorry if you guys are falling asleep reading this haha. Anyways, I'm outta time, so I should go. Thanksfor the letters this week those of you who wrote. I'll write back as soon as I can. Letters are the best!!
Tudo bem! Ate mais!


Elder Trevisanut

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