Monday, November 14, 2011

Finally! Visa has arrived, flight scheduled

Oi! Tudo bem!
So... good news and bad news.....
I got my visa!!! It was way anticlimactic, for like 99% of the people, they call you on the speaker, and you get to run down to the travel office, and they give you your travel plans. But for me and Twitchell (he got his too) we just went and checked the mail and our travel plans were in there.. It was so anticlimactic, like none of us knew what to say, it was just like, woa, there are our travel plans, but it was awesome too. The bad news, since we have been here for 8 weeks, they're keeping us here until we go to Curitiba. So I leave the 21st of November. So no Sao Paulo MTC, AND I'm not aloud to call you, even though I got my visa. They said since we aren't leaving until November 21st, we have plenty of time to email family, so we don't get to call home. But, I'm still able to call you at the airport and stuff, and I have like 5 hours of layover time, so I'll definitely call. But, I have to go now, I'm not sure if I'm technically aloud to be on here, but I figured it wouldn't be fair to make you wait just to hear that I won't be able to call, anyways.
Ate mais! Tchau!
Elder Victor Trevisanut

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