Thursday, November 24, 2011

Finally in Curitiba!! It is the coolest city ever!

Oi, tudo bem!!

I don't have much time at all to write, but I have a 4 hour bus ride tonight, and I will write an in depth letter about my first few days here, it has been crazy. I'll start with the plane ride, it was pretty good, but very very long. Like 25 hours of travel. It was crazy, I was in Atlanta, during my waiting time for the next plane (I honestly can't think of the English word right now) and I turned around and guess who I saw??? Brad Dial!! It was the best thing ever, turns out he got his visa the same time that I did, so he got to leave his reassignment in Colorado and we got to go to Brazil together!!! It was awesome! It was the coolest experience ever. Like, I'm good friends with my other district members from the MTC, but it was awesome getting to walk off the plane with him. So the first day was crazy. I didn't get any sleep on the plane, so I was dead tired, and the jet lag killed me, it is still effecting me. Oh yeah, the airline left my bag in Atlanta, my main bag with all my clothes, except the ones I'm wearing now. But they should get it to my area tomorrow. President Cordon picked us up from the airport, and we drove in a van to the mission home for lunch, and it was the coolest thing driving through Curitiba. The airport is on the outside of the city, and the mission home is right in the center, so we got to see a lot. It is the coolest city ever, it is so nice, especially for Brazil. After lunch we all met our trainers at the church close by, and we found out what areas we will be serving in. I'm going to be serving in Prudentopolis with my trainer, Elder Buirkle. It's a small town way into the interior of the state, like 4 hours away from Curitiba. The first day he wasn't in town yet, but he got here yesterday, and we're taking a bus up there tonight. So the first day I was with the secretary, Elder Hugo, he's a really good guy, he's Brazilian, but he speaks really good English. He left to be zone leader in Guarapuava, and he left yesterday. So that night we got to visit a bunch of families that he baptized and taught. It was pretty crazy. Curitiba is very nice, but it definitely has it's ghetto parts. We were walking down the street, and we literally walked through a hole in the concrete wall on the side of the road, and we were suddenly in the most ghetto place I had ever seen. It was like extreme poverty. The houses were tiny made out of concrete, most of them had maybe two rooms total. He was just stopping by to say bye to all of them, and it was the coolest thing ever. With every single one, they all just burst into tears, mostly just the mothers. They really loved him ,and he had been serving there in Baragui for 9 months. I didn't really say much, I had trouble understanding them, they all mumbled and they talked with like extreme slang, so I pretty much just bore my testimony for each one, they all had a lot of trouble with my name, almost everyone does, but they all really seemed to like my eyes for some reason. So much more happened, but I have no time. The buss system here is so sweet. On each road there are about 8 lanes. The outside ones are for traffic each way, and then the two in the middle separated by medians (usually trees or something) are just for buses. The buses are huge. Most are usually like three buses in one, all connected by the accordion door looking things. The next day, we picked Elder Buirkle up from the bus station, and the president let us sleep in his house that night. They weren't going to make him get right back on the bus for another 4 hour bus ride. So we're leaving tonight. So last night he kinda showed me around Baragui (Baragui is like the middle of the city, it is really nice, and has TONS of buildings) and we visited with some of his old investigators and baptized members, he served here for 6 months. It was really cool. Oh yeah, tell Bailey that there are tons of those trees that we talked about here. I forgot their name, but they are illegal to cut down. Anyways, I'm out of time. The weather here is good, it's very humid, and pretty hot, but not too bad, like 75 degrees, but it feels worse with the humidity. The food is awesome for the most part. The fruit is the best, and the fruit drinks. The bananas are awesome, in the U.S. there is only one type of banana, but here there are like 50, and they taste so good here, and the mangoes are awesome. The best thing I've had is probably Maracuja (Idk if I spelled it right) It's like a pineapple drink, it tastes SO good. Anyways, I have like 2 minutes left, this place is sweet, the language is coming a lot better than I thought it would, President Cordon and Sister Cordon are awesome, they have been so helpful with my lost suitcase situation. Anyways, time for Thanksgiving dinner at the Cordon's, I have to go!!

Tchau! I'll send a more detailed letter tonight, so much has happened!!

Elder Trevisanut

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