Tuesday, October 11, 2011

VISAS are coming even faster now!

Oi! Tudo bem!!
Everything is going well this week, just another week at the MTC. I don't have as much time to write today, but I'll try to fill everyone in...
So this week we got two new investigators, so we're teaching them every other day pretty much, it's pretty stressful. Also on Wednesdays, we go to the TRC or Training Resource Center and teach a totally random person, like right on the spot, without any notes, all in Portugues. It's really hard sometimes. But everything else is fine, the language is coming good, I'm learning more every day. It's pretty awesome here, but at the same time it's pretty much the same thing every day, the days seem to just blend together. It kinda seems like we're on a different planet, it kinda blows my mind every time I go near the outside gates and see the cars pass by and I realize that the world is going on outside haha. But it's good.
I got the Dear Elder, that was great to hear. Elder Twitchell is a really great guy, we get along really well.
So I heard some pretty exciting news today. So word on the street is that 100 visas came into Salt Lake today, so they should be here in Provo within the next couple days. Probably not mine, but things are coming in faster and faster. If you guys couldn't tell, the visa situation is huge here, whenever someone gets there visa, it is seriously better than Christmas morning, it's just so rare. But if the story about 100 visas is true, it's gonna be a party here, and my district is probably gonna shrink a bunch.
What kind of food do I eat here??.... Well... it's like the worst food possible. Most of it tastes fine, but it is just SO unhealthy. I think I've gained like 3 pounds in three weeks, and I'm eating super healthy compared to pretty much everyone here. They serve random cafateria type food, depending on the day, they always have burgers and fries, tons and tons of desserts, and they have a salad bar. They also have every type of Juice imaginable, and really good chocolate milk. I usually have salad for two of my three meals a day, and something healthy for breakfast. But even the salads are really bad. they cover them with really good tasting dressing, but it's pretty much just sugar sauce. So it's no bom.
When it comes to working out, I do it as much as I can. The 50 minutes a day we get for gym is the best part of the day usually haha, it's the time we all get to unwind and get a rest from the classroom, so sometimes I get tempted to play volleyball instead of working out. Volleyball is just so fun to play, and I'm pretty good at it here (if you guys are reading this, that's a shoutout to all my FHE friends!!) But for working out, they have an indoor track, and this "weight room" but it's just like girl machines. There aren't any free weights or anything. So it's lame. But I work out with that workout program at nights and stuff. I work pretty hard at it, and weve gotten a bunch of other guys from the district to join in sometimes on ab days haha. Its fun.
The rest of Pday is just laundry, the temple, and just free time to do whatever. It's a really good day, but it's still crazy busy, and it still goes by really really fast.
And yeah me and my companion get along fine. he is still having a REALLY hard time with the language, and pretty much everything else, but i'm keeping him here. He goes to the counselor every few days or so. It's just hard sometimes to have to take care of myself AND him, cause we're all kind of in the same boat here, and during the lessons, it's all on me, cause he still doesn't speak very well at all. The lessons are usually 30 minutes or so, and he says one or two lines, and the rest of the time, me and the investigator are talking. And yeah, I see Bailey 3 times a week, we get to talk for a few minutes each time, it's so great to see her every other day, and she sent me a package, it was really nice of her.Oh yeah and the room, is kinda small, we've got 4 elders in there and its kinda like the dorms at BYU-I. So probably like 15X30 or something.. Idk, Im not very good at dimensions, and we dont spend much time in there.
Anyways, my time is up! I gotta go. thanks for the email, if anyone wants to write, feel free to send letter!  They are literally the best thing in the world!
Ate mais!!! Tchau!
Elder Victor Trevisanut

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