Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Electronic VISA came today! Getting closer to Brazil!

Yes, I am keeping very busy here at the MTC. Things are crazy here. This week was pretty good. The language is coming along very well, it's crazy, sometimes I catch myself thinking in Portugues,
and I've only been here for two weeks! It's crazy, but I guess that's what happens when you study a language for 9 hours a day. That's funny that you talked to Elder Twitchell and sister Pattons aunt, they both laughed when I told them that. Elder twitchell is a great guy, and Sister Patton is awesome, we get along really well together.
General Conference was pretty awesome here at the MTC, I've never watched so much of it. We watched every session, so I was sitting on hard bleachers for 10 hours during those two days. It was worth it though, the spirit is so strong here, it was a totally different experience than the usual conference weekend. I really liked Elder Holland's talk, but I also really liked the Relief Society President's talk about fathers, it was a really good one that I'll remember for a long time. But the spirit here is so strong, I wonder how it will be once I leave the MTC, I know I'll definitely be able to feel the difference.
So something awesome happened this week. So on the second day I was here, we got our first investigator, his name is Chico, and we were told to teach him an entire lesson in Portugues..on the second day! It was crazy, but we managed. Anyways, I didn't always talk too much cause Elder Holland is really really good at the language, so I could hardly keep up. But once Elder Holland left, and I was paired up with Elder Frahm, it was kinda all on my shoulders, cause Elder Frahm is not really good at the language at all.. Anyways, we have lessons every other day or so, teaching Chico and getting to know him, and this week was our last lesson, so the pressure was on to get a baptism commitment. So we had a really good prayer beforehand and went in to the lesson.. And we got a baptismal committment!! It was crazy, I swear I was saying things that I didn't know. The "investigators" are really just teachers that we don't know, but they are like highly trained and they act really well. And at that moment, he wasn't a fake investigator, it seemed completely real to me. It was an awesome experience.
My schedule here? It's crazy, I'm busy all day, with very little breaks. It starts out at 6:15 when we wake up, we prepare for the day, and do personal study and companionship study for two hours. Then there's breakfast. After that, we have another hour of personal or language study, then we go to Portugues class. That last about 3 hours until lunch, and then 3 hours after lunch. Then we have an hour of language study with just our companions, and then it's back to the residences to get ready for bed. It's different depending on the day of the week, but that's the jist of it. We also have gym every day somewhere in that craziness, and we have service at 6:00 in the morning on Thursday's. P-Day is sweet, we get to do laundry and emails and really whatever else we want. We also get to go to the Temple every P-Day, I've already been twice since I got here. The schedule is crazy, but once you make it to your first Sunday, everything get's better and you get completely used to the schedule (That's what everyone says, but it's so true). By now it's just an average day. It's crazy, everyone I've talked to agrees with me, but it honestly feels like we've been here for months, but it's only been two weeks, it seriously seems like 2 months ago that I was packing and getting ready to leave.
The visa situation is a very popular subject here at the MTC. So essentially what happened was right about the time the we turned in my visa papers in May, Brazil changed the requirements for the visa's. So they sent ALL the papers back to Salt Lake, and Salt Lake had to redo them, and send them all the way back to Brazil. But everyone who turned in their visa papers the beginning of June or later, knew about the new requirements. So there are TONS of people who got their mission calls in like May and June who already have their elevtronic visa's and are getting shipped out ot Brazil. Like Elder Holland turned in his stuff after me. But everyone in my district (except me, Elder Barkdull, Elder Twitchell, and Sister Patton) have already gotten their electronic visa's. The situation with the electronic visa's is COMPLETELY random. Some people get their visa's a week after they submit their electronic visa, and some people get it 3 months after they submit it, it's completly random, but recently , more and more people are getting their visa's, so things are looking up. And on that note, Me and Elder Twitchell both got our electronic visa's today!!!! We get to fill them out tomorrow!! So now we get to wait for our Visa's, so I'll most likely be going to Brazil in 3-6 weeks, but who knows, it could be only one week. Whatever happens, I'm fine with. They say you learn portugues  way faster here in Provo, because in Brazil, the teachers and students all really want to practice their English, where here in Provo, it's ALL Portugues. But the upside of the Brazil MTC is that you get to proselyte once a week, out in the field and you get to leave the MTC on P-Day's. But whatever happens, happens.
Elder Frahm is a great guy. He is from Ontario, Oregon, and he is going to Belem, Brazil. We get along really well, and we have a lot in common. he really struggles with the language though, and it really discourages him a lot. but it's okay, we are helping each other along, we'll be fine.
Well, I'm way out of time, sorry if I left anything out, if I did, just remind me next time. Tell Cam and Regan thanks for the messages, and tell Rianne that I don't have time to reply this week, but I'll try try really hard next week, (or I may just respond through a letter) Also tell Mike that I'm gonna try to reply to his email right after this, but if I can't then, I'll try to reply next week!
Okay gotta go!! Tchau!
Elder Trevisanut (Pronounced " Trev-is-an-ooch" in Portugues)

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