Monday, October 31, 2011


Victor's companion's mom emailed some pictures to me. Thank you Sister Twitchell!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting really stir crazy...

Oi! Tudo Bem!
This week has been interesting. In response to your email, the weather has been okay, it cooled down a bit, but it's still pretty hot.
Sorry if this letter is brief, I pretty much had to fight to get this computer, and like 10 minutes in, my whole message deleted, it's retarded. And I'm not in the mood to type it all again. The MTC has thinned out a little bit, but you cant really tell, there are 2800 missionaries here, and there are only 3 or 400 Brazilian missionaries, so you can hardly tell.
This wednesday was pretty crazy. Here in Provo alone, we got 75 visas. Elder Glenn, Johnson, Reeves and Hobbs got their visas. So now our district is down to 4 including me, it started at 11. And yes, I have new companions yet again. This is my 4th companionship, I'm with Elder Barkdull and Twitchell now, they're awesome, so it's all good. Sister Patton is also still here. Other than Elder Twitchell, who put his visa papers in a week before me, everyone in my district did their visa stuff after me, and they have all gotten to go to Brazil, so it's super lame, and pretty frustrating. None of us want to be here,and we're all getting really stir crazy every day. None of us ever thought we would have to go to Provo at all, so it doesn't even seem like we are even on our missions, it just seems like we've been here for an eternity. The outside world doesn't really exist to us any more haha. It still trips us out when we see the cars drive by when we go to the outside gates. And no, I don't know Elder Wardrop, like I said before, there are like 3 or 400 Brazil missionaries here, so we don't know them all. I know a bunch who have been reassigned though, a good friend of mine just got reassigned to Salt Lake, he was pretty bummed. And yeah, I got the package, it was great, the food was all awesome, and healthy, it was perfect. I get letter pretty often, I get like 3 or 4 a week, so it's not too bad. Letters are the best, they literally are one of the only things keeping us going here, so they are really important to us. One week I didnt get any, but some weeks I get one every day, so it's all in all pretty good. If any one wants to write though, feel free to! Or dear elder, dear elder is free for the MTC and it is same day delivery, so they are awesome too! Letters are the best, hands down.
This week I got called to be District Leader, which is pretty sweet. I could kinda tell I was going to get it, the Branch President really likes me. But then everyone got their visas, and now my district is only 4 people, so it's not as cool, but oh well, it's good to have the extra responsibility. At the MTC, being District Leader isn't a huge deal, but you get a little bit more responsibility. You technically have authority over the whole district, but all you really do is have like 2 extra hours of meetings on Sundays, you have to ask people to give prayers and stuff every day, and you have to report to your Branch President every week about your district. At the MTC, the Branch President is pretty much your mission president. The best part about being district leader is you get to be the one to get the mail every day, so that's awesome.
Also, I forgot to tell you, I had to give the talk in sacrament meeting last week. The way it works in my branch is, you are supposed to prepare a talk every week, and then during Sacrament meeting, the Branch President calls someone up, but they don't tell you who it is. So you don't have any time to get ready, you get about a 30 second warning till you have to go up and talk, so you better have a good talk prepared. And it's all in Portugues. But it was weird, i don't remember it at all, it was almost like an out of body experience, but everyone told me I did a really good job. Maybe that's why they called me as District Leader haha. It was good though.
Morgen Glessing also came in this week, we're on the same schedule, and we live in the same building, so I see him pretty often. He seems to be doing good, it's awesome having him here. I still see Brad Dial like 10 times a day too, so it's awesome.
Oh yeah, Richard G. Scott came for Devotional last week, it was pretty awesome, it was like the coolest thing ever.
Anyways, that's about it, every day is pretty much the same here. We all just really want to go to Brazil haha. But I should probably go, anyways, hopefully you get a call from me this week and hope everything is going good back home! Ate mais!

Elder Trevisanut

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We all just want to go to Brazil really badly!

How's it going? This week has been okay, a lot has happened, and it has been pretty long, but it's been good.
In response to your email, the language is coming along pretty good, it's continually growing every day. I don't really know how to explain my progress, but I can speak it pretty much, like my district does stuff like Portugues Lunches, where we only speak Portuges during lunch, and we can all pretty much say what we want to. Most of us are at the point where we know how to say most things, but we still have to think a little bit to translate it in our heads, but it's coming along. As I'm writing this, I keep making mistakes and writing stuff in Portugues instead of english, so that's a good sign I think. But this week has been pretty long. For some reason, they put the coat wearing rule back on, so we have to wear our suits EVERY DAY. It's pretty lame. It was cold for like 3 days, but then it went right back to hot every day, and they didnt take the rule off. So it's been SO hot in the classrooms every day, like 80 degrees. So that has made it so much harder to stay focused and study 10 hours a day. Not to mention the fact that we are all getting really stir crazy here. We all just want to go to Brazil really badly. But it's good, we'll all be outta here real soon.
This week my companion, Elder Frahm, had some issues, he has been struggling so much with the language, and I have been doing all I can to keep him going, but he kinda snapped one day and was about to just go home, and he went to the District President to talk about about it, and he was in there for about 3 or 4 hours, but when he came out, he had a completely different attitude, it was like night and day. And the very next day, he got his visa! It's funny how that worked out, haha.
Speaking of visa's, this week has been crazy. The rumor about the 100 visas coming in was completely true, the middle of this week, people were getting called in left and right getting their visa's. 40 or so from the MTC got their visa's ( including Elder Frahm and Sister Horkely from my district) and the rest were for people that have already been reassigned. But they aren't anticipating it will slow down any time soon. The lady at the travel office told me that if they had a REALLY lucky week, they would usually get 2 or 3 visas, so getting 100 in one week is like unheard of. She told me that she thinks all of the Brazil missionaries will be out of here within the month, and that's including the Elders who have come in after me. And it's completely random how they do it in Brazil, they don't send them based on how long they have been in, so who knows when mine will come in, it could be any day now. So keep the phone ready, cause when the visa comes in, I get to call home for 5 minutes, so be ready haha. It'll most likely be night time.
And this just in: word on the street this week is there are 85 more that came in, so a bunch more of us will find out in the next couple days. It's like the biggest news down here, so sorry if I seem super excited haha.
Not too much else is new this week though, just same old same old.i can't remember what I told you guys last week, but I have two ongoing investigators, Leo and Ronaldo, things were going good with them, but since Elder Frahm is leaving, my new companions are Elder Glenn and Elder Johnson, and I'll be teaching with their investigators now. Glenn and Johnson are awesome, so I don't mind. Here at the MTC, your whoel district is pretty much your companions, so it's not a big change for me, just no more Elder Frahm.
Anyways, I should probably hurry up and get off, I have a few more emails to send, but it was nice to hear from you, if anyone has questions or something just let me know haha. Or they can write or dear Elder me, those are always the best to get. The first two or three weeks I got at least one letter every day, but this week I only got one, so yeah, it definitely has a big effect on your mood, at least here at the MTC. Everyday is pretty much always the same, so any change for us is like gold. Liek the other day, there was a hot air balloon like a mile up in the sky, and we stared at it for like 10 minutes, cause it was like the biggest change we had seen for days haha.
Anyways, great to hear from you guys, and I'll talk to you next week!!

Elder Trevisanut

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

VISAS are coming even faster now!

Oi! Tudo bem!!
Everything is going well this week, just another week at the MTC. I don't have as much time to write today, but I'll try to fill everyone in...
So this week we got two new investigators, so we're teaching them every other day pretty much, it's pretty stressful. Also on Wednesdays, we go to the TRC or Training Resource Center and teach a totally random person, like right on the spot, without any notes, all in Portugues. It's really hard sometimes. But everything else is fine, the language is coming good, I'm learning more every day. It's pretty awesome here, but at the same time it's pretty much the same thing every day, the days seem to just blend together. It kinda seems like we're on a different planet, it kinda blows my mind every time I go near the outside gates and see the cars pass by and I realize that the world is going on outside haha. But it's good.
I got the Dear Elder, that was great to hear. Elder Twitchell is a really great guy, we get along really well.
So I heard some pretty exciting news today. So word on the street is that 100 visas came into Salt Lake today, so they should be here in Provo within the next couple days. Probably not mine, but things are coming in faster and faster. If you guys couldn't tell, the visa situation is huge here, whenever someone gets there visa, it is seriously better than Christmas morning, it's just so rare. But if the story about 100 visas is true, it's gonna be a party here, and my district is probably gonna shrink a bunch.
What kind of food do I eat here??.... Well... it's like the worst food possible. Most of it tastes fine, but it is just SO unhealthy. I think I've gained like 3 pounds in three weeks, and I'm eating super healthy compared to pretty much everyone here. They serve random cafateria type food, depending on the day, they always have burgers and fries, tons and tons of desserts, and they have a salad bar. They also have every type of Juice imaginable, and really good chocolate milk. I usually have salad for two of my three meals a day, and something healthy for breakfast. But even the salads are really bad. they cover them with really good tasting dressing, but it's pretty much just sugar sauce. So it's no bom.
When it comes to working out, I do it as much as I can. The 50 minutes a day we get for gym is the best part of the day usually haha, it's the time we all get to unwind and get a rest from the classroom, so sometimes I get tempted to play volleyball instead of working out. Volleyball is just so fun to play, and I'm pretty good at it here (if you guys are reading this, that's a shoutout to all my FHE friends!!) But for working out, they have an indoor track, and this "weight room" but it's just like girl machines. There aren't any free weights or anything. So it's lame. But I work out with that workout program at nights and stuff. I work pretty hard at it, and weve gotten a bunch of other guys from the district to join in sometimes on ab days haha. Its fun.
The rest of Pday is just laundry, the temple, and just free time to do whatever. It's a really good day, but it's still crazy busy, and it still goes by really really fast.
And yeah me and my companion get along fine. he is still having a REALLY hard time with the language, and pretty much everything else, but i'm keeping him here. He goes to the counselor every few days or so. It's just hard sometimes to have to take care of myself AND him, cause we're all kind of in the same boat here, and during the lessons, it's all on me, cause he still doesn't speak very well at all. The lessons are usually 30 minutes or so, and he says one or two lines, and the rest of the time, me and the investigator are talking. And yeah, I see Bailey 3 times a week, we get to talk for a few minutes each time, it's so great to see her every other day, and she sent me a package, it was really nice of her.Oh yeah and the room, is kinda small, we've got 4 elders in there and its kinda like the dorms at BYU-I. So probably like 15X30 or something.. Idk, Im not very good at dimensions, and we dont spend much time in there.
Anyways, my time is up! I gotta go. thanks for the email, if anyone wants to write, feel free to send letter!  They are literally the best thing in the world!
Ate mais!!! Tchau!
Elder Victor Trevisanut

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Post from Mom, this week's email is right below this, don't miss it!

Thought I would add some cool information that I received from one of the moms in a Missionary Mom email group that I belong to:


I wrote my son to tell him that we were friends through the Mission Mom group.  Here is his responce.  I thought you might enjoy it.

**** Just real quick, yes I know Elder Trevisanut. He is a boss! He is one of the coolest guys I have ever met, and he is really solid with the Language and the Gospel. I feel really lucky to have him in my District. His Name IS a little hard, but we all still love him anyway.  Our Portuguese teachers have fun with his name too, pronouncing it as Treh-vuh-zeh-nootch, because that's how a Brazillian would pronounce it. That's really cool that you are friends with his mom. He was telling me earlier today that you two were friends. He's a good guy!

I thought that was pretty fun.  I'm excited that your son got his electronic visa.  Avram was called into the travel office on Monday and also filled out his electronic visa.  Maybe they will be traveling companions.  I have heard once you get the electronic visa in it takes 2 weeks - 2 months, lets pray it goes fast.  I just sat and cried, I guess I didn't realize the stress it was causing me.  I'm excited for them to go to Brazil.  Keep me posted and I will do the same.  I love this group, I have gotten so much good advise.  I'm now busy trying to get a package together of things everyone has suggested that he should take with him. 

Have a great day
MM Elder Avram Twitchell
Curitiba 09/11 - 09/13 (in MTC)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Electronic VISA came today! Getting closer to Brazil!

Yes, I am keeping very busy here at the MTC. Things are crazy here. This week was pretty good. The language is coming along very well, it's crazy, sometimes I catch myself thinking in Portugues,
and I've only been here for two weeks! It's crazy, but I guess that's what happens when you study a language for 9 hours a day. That's funny that you talked to Elder Twitchell and sister Pattons aunt, they both laughed when I told them that. Elder twitchell is a great guy, and Sister Patton is awesome, we get along really well together.
General Conference was pretty awesome here at the MTC, I've never watched so much of it. We watched every session, so I was sitting on hard bleachers for 10 hours during those two days. It was worth it though, the spirit is so strong here, it was a totally different experience than the usual conference weekend. I really liked Elder Holland's talk, but I also really liked the Relief Society President's talk about fathers, it was a really good one that I'll remember for a long time. But the spirit here is so strong, I wonder how it will be once I leave the MTC, I know I'll definitely be able to feel the difference.
So something awesome happened this week. So on the second day I was here, we got our first investigator, his name is Chico, and we were told to teach him an entire lesson in Portugues..on the second day! It was crazy, but we managed. Anyways, I didn't always talk too much cause Elder Holland is really really good at the language, so I could hardly keep up. But once Elder Holland left, and I was paired up with Elder Frahm, it was kinda all on my shoulders, cause Elder Frahm is not really good at the language at all.. Anyways, we have lessons every other day or so, teaching Chico and getting to know him, and this week was our last lesson, so the pressure was on to get a baptism commitment. So we had a really good prayer beforehand and went in to the lesson.. And we got a baptismal committment!! It was crazy, I swear I was saying things that I didn't know. The "investigators" are really just teachers that we don't know, but they are like highly trained and they act really well. And at that moment, he wasn't a fake investigator, it seemed completely real to me. It was an awesome experience.
My schedule here? It's crazy, I'm busy all day, with very little breaks. It starts out at 6:15 when we wake up, we prepare for the day, and do personal study and companionship study for two hours. Then there's breakfast. After that, we have another hour of personal or language study, then we go to Portugues class. That last about 3 hours until lunch, and then 3 hours after lunch. Then we have an hour of language study with just our companions, and then it's back to the residences to get ready for bed. It's different depending on the day of the week, but that's the jist of it. We also have gym every day somewhere in that craziness, and we have service at 6:00 in the morning on Thursday's. P-Day is sweet, we get to do laundry and emails and really whatever else we want. We also get to go to the Temple every P-Day, I've already been twice since I got here. The schedule is crazy, but once you make it to your first Sunday, everything get's better and you get completely used to the schedule (That's what everyone says, but it's so true). By now it's just an average day. It's crazy, everyone I've talked to agrees with me, but it honestly feels like we've been here for months, but it's only been two weeks, it seriously seems like 2 months ago that I was packing and getting ready to leave.
The visa situation is a very popular subject here at the MTC. So essentially what happened was right about the time the we turned in my visa papers in May, Brazil changed the requirements for the visa's. So they sent ALL the papers back to Salt Lake, and Salt Lake had to redo them, and send them all the way back to Brazil. But everyone who turned in their visa papers the beginning of June or later, knew about the new requirements. So there are TONS of people who got their mission calls in like May and June who already have their elevtronic visa's and are getting shipped out ot Brazil. Like Elder Holland turned in his stuff after me. But everyone in my district (except me, Elder Barkdull, Elder Twitchell, and Sister Patton) have already gotten their electronic visa's. The situation with the electronic visa's is COMPLETELY random. Some people get their visa's a week after they submit their electronic visa, and some people get it 3 months after they submit it, it's completly random, but recently , more and more people are getting their visa's, so things are looking up. And on that note, Me and Elder Twitchell both got our electronic visa's today!!!! We get to fill them out tomorrow!! So now we get to wait for our Visa's, so I'll most likely be going to Brazil in 3-6 weeks, but who knows, it could be only one week. Whatever happens, I'm fine with. They say you learn portugues  way faster here in Provo, because in Brazil, the teachers and students all really want to practice their English, where here in Provo, it's ALL Portugues. But the upside of the Brazil MTC is that you get to proselyte once a week, out in the field and you get to leave the MTC on P-Day's. But whatever happens, happens.
Elder Frahm is a great guy. He is from Ontario, Oregon, and he is going to Belem, Brazil. We get along really well, and we have a lot in common. he really struggles with the language though, and it really discourages him a lot. but it's okay, we are helping each other along, we'll be fine.
Well, I'm way out of time, sorry if I left anything out, if I did, just remind me next time. Tell Cam and Regan thanks for the messages, and tell Rianne that I don't have time to reply this week, but I'll try try really hard next week, (or I may just respond through a letter) Also tell Mike that I'm gonna try to reply to his email right after this, but if I can't then, I'll try to reply next week!
Okay gotta go!! Tchau!
Elder Trevisanut (Pronounced " Trev-is-an-ooch" in Portugues)