Tuesday, September 27, 2011

His first letter is here!

Oi! Tudo Bem!
This past week has been crazy! Sorry if you guys got worried when my email didn't come on Monday, my P-Day is actually on Tuesday here in the MTC.
But I'll just try to fill you in on what has been happening the past week. It is crazy here. It's only been 6 days, and it honestly has felt like a month. Not necessarily in a bad way though. When I first got off the plane, I met some other missionaries who were going to the MTC, so we all introduced, and got acquainted and such (and Mom, everything was fine, no problems with the flight, the luggage or finding the shuttle), I met an Elder named elder Kim( I think) And he told me he was from Rancho Cordova, so i asked him if he knew the Wallaces, and he replied, '"Like Bishop Wallace?" And I knew Grandpa was a Bishop so I said Yeah. Turns out he's from Grandma & Grandpa's ward, and he was telling me that he was mad that 'Bishop Wallace' couldn;t make it to his farewell because he was "at some other missionaries farewell." I told him that he was at mine, so we had a pretty good laugh.
After suffering through a 45 minute shuttle ride to the MTC (there were 6 missionaries in a 7 seater mini van PLUS all the luggage, so it was pretty uncomfortable), we got there and did orientation and stuff. It was so surreal actually being in the MTC, it took a while to sink in. But we did orientation, got our name tags, and did all the usual stuff, and then went straight to classes. I don't have too much time to write, so I'll condense this first day... long story short, it was the longest day of my life(mainly because only having got 4 our of sleep over the past 48 hours). we got right into classes, learning Portugues, and everything you can think of. There was no time to even stop and breathe, it was just go go go. But I've gotten used to it, that's how it is every day here, and it's been pretty great. Every day we have 6-8 hours of class time, 2-3 hours of study, and the rest of the time is eating and getting ready and stuff.
The portugues is coming along pretty good, it's so crazy how fast you learn stuff here. Like I said before, I've only been here 6 days, and I've learned so much. I can already do basic conversation, pray, bear testimony, and I already have a pretty good vocab ( tell Mike if he wants to send me something in Portugues, that would be sweet). the way they teach here is they do every in Portugues, my teacher, Irma Gonzalez, never speaks English...EVER. As in, I've never heard her say a single word in english yet, and we spend about 45 hours a week in her class. It's super fun though, and I love the language.
My companion's name was Elder Holland, he's from Raymond, Washington and he's going to Brasilia, Brazil. He's a language genius. By now, he's already on the verge of being fluent he's just so good at it. We've taught 3 lessons with an investigator (named Chico) and Holland just talks and talks and talks, and I can hardly keep up. The lessons went well though. On a different note, to be honest he really bugged me (I won't get into that) , BUT he got his visa 3 days ago and he left for Brazil this morning, so it was kinda nice, even though I feel kinda bad about it. my new companion is Elder Frahm, he's going to Belem, Brazil, he's a guy from my district, he's pretty cool. The other Elders and sisters in my district are awesome. Elder Barkdull, Twitchell, Hobbs and Reeves are all going to Curitiba, they're awesome, but I'm almost out of time, so I'll tell you about them later. Sister Patton and Sister Horkley (her family owns Horkley's in rexburg, Rianne will enjoy that) are awesome, they're really fun to talk to. the other Elders are Elder Johnson and Glenn (going to Belem and Bel Horizonte).
I've got like two minutes left, so I gotta hurry. I see Brad Dial every day( Sam, if you read this, I gave him a HUGE hug for you ;)), it's great to see him, we talk a bunch. I've also seen Chase and Taylor Mcdonnell once, it was nice to catch up with them.
I'm am out of time, so I've gotta go!
Love Elder Trevisanut

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