Monday, August 8, 2011

43 Days Away!!!! (Test Post)

Hey everyone! As most of you know, I will be leaving for my mission to Brazil pretty soon and if you would like to see how I'm doing throughout my mission, this is where you should look. I will still write personal letters to any of you who want to write me, but my mom will be posting all of my emails, letters, pictures, etc.

So this is kind of a test post, to see how everything looks on this page, so I'm just posting some pictures I found online of Brazil and Curitiba, they're kinda cool.
Also, this page is for all of you guys, so if you have any ideas on things I should add to make it better/cooler/easier for you guys, let me know!

Sao Paulo CTM (MTC)
I'll be here for two months for language training and more in-depth gospel study

This is the Temple in Curitiba, Brazil. It's brand new, just built in 2008

Here's a map of Brazil, Curitiba's down there in the Southeast, it's the closest big city to Sao Paulo, so the plane ride after I leave the MTC shouldn't be too long

City of Curitiba.
Nothing like Sao Paulo, but it still looks pretty big if you ask me

Okay, so this should work for a test post, thanks for checking this out, I leave in just over a month, so new posts will be coming soon! If you want to follow this page, just click "Join this Site" on the bottom right hand of the page. See ya in a month or so!

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  1. My daughter is in the Brazil MTC and I found your blog online just now. I'm keeping up a similar one for her while she is on her mission.
    Thanks for sharing!